Belinda Bennetts was born in Zimbabwe, just before the country gained independence. Her childhood was spent running free in the African bush, living on a dairy farm not far from the capital city, Harare. She rode horses, played the piano, and lived a seemingly idyllic life.

From a young age she wrote poetry, short stories and kept journals. Her dream was to study English Literature and Philosophy at Queens University, Belfast, and become a journalist. However, life did not follow a linear path, and in 2001, due to the political situation in Zimbabwe, she lost her home and moved to New Zealand.

There she followed a jagged career path that included dairy farming, personal training, natural health consultancy, and self-employment as a human and equine Bowen therapist.

In 2014 she immigrated to Belfast Northern Ireland, the country her Mother was born in, and the place she had originally planned to begin her adult life after school. Here she felt drawn to write again, and her debut Fear to Love – An Inner Journey Home, was published in January 2016.

She is currently working on her first novel, which she hopes to publish in 2018.

When not writing Belinda works as a memoir writing facilitator, specializing in writing as a path to transformation and healing. She is also a holistic life coach and Bowen therapist. Please visit her coaching website.